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Kill Radio Mission Statement:

Killradio.org is a collective organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice. We intend to promote the proliferation of radio in whatever form is necessary in order to challenge the corporate domination of our airwaves. It is our goal to further the self-determination of people under-represented in media production and content, and to illuminate and analyse local and global issues that impact ecosystems, communities and individuals. We seek to generate alternatives to the biases inherent in the corporate media controlled by profit, and to identify and create positive models for a sustainable and equitable society.

What is Kill Radio?

Kill Radio is short for Kill Corporate Radio, or Kill Monopoly Radio, or K-ILL Radio, whatever you prefer. Kill Radio is a Los Angeles based internet radio station run by the Kill Radio Collective, a group of 50+ activists, journalists, and DJ's. We are a strictly not-for-profit, non-commercial organization. We can be heard by clicking HERE (check the schedule for latest updates).

Kill Radio is a spin-off of the LA Independent Media Center radio affinity group which covered the D2K protests during the Democratic National Convention in August of 2000.

What is all this stuff about consensus and collectives?

Short version: Kill Radio has an organizational structure that is fairly unique in our society. No one is in charge, no one has power over anyone else, and no decisions are final until everyone is satisfied with the outcome. None of the "Joe is club president, Jill is vice president, the majority rules and the minority is screwed" stuff that you're probably used to. An organization that lacks such hierarchy is called a collective, and this decision-making process is called the consensus model.

Basically, we take turns leading/facilitating the meetings, where the important KR decisions are made. When someone has an idea or a plan, we discuss our thoughts and concerns about the plan, and then make changes and compromises with the plan until it takes a shape that everyone likes, or at least one that everyone can live with. Granted, the process can be time consuming and difficult. Democracy can be a pain in the ass, but consensus really is one of the most fair and equitable ways for groups of people to make decisions. We have handouts about the consensus model floating around the station, pick some up. For more information on consensus, visit www.consensus.net

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