New Member Reference Sheet



This sheet is intended for you to keep, as an organizational tool to help you keep track of your membership requirements. You are not required to submit this sheet to anyone.




Name: _______________________________              Phone #: ____________________


Email: _____________________________________________


Requirements to join Kill Radio


1) Attend 1 Consensus Training workshop:

Consensus training is currently held the 1st of every month before the general meeting, or you may arrange to schedule a consensus training with another member.


Consensus training completed:       Date:___________________


2) Attend 1 Tech Training workshop:

This workshop is typically held in the studio during a live show. Your New Member Liaison will arrange a time to hold the workshop, although any member can run it.


Tech training completed:    DATE:_____________________


3) Attend 3 Kill Radio General Meetings (and keep attending thereafter!!):

Meetings are usually held on the 1st and 15th of each month at 8pm. Your New Member Liaison will keep you up to date on meeting times and locations.


Meeting 1 attended:          DATE:_____________________


Meeting 2 attended:          DATE:_____________________


Meeting 3 attended:          DATE:_____________________


4) Join a working group:

Working groups perform the day-to-day tasks that keep the station running. Information on the working groups can be found in the Kill Radio on-line documents. You simply start contributing to a working group after you join the collective.


Working Group choice:   _________________________


General Information

How do I get a Time Slot?

            After completing the requirements above, you should be part of The List. With help from your New Member Liaison, you will be issued keys to the station. Search through the program schedule for an open slot and announce to the The List your intention to establish a show.