Listen to:

Kill Radio uses MP3 streams delivered through Icecast servers. MP3 streams can be played in just about every media player out there including winamp, itunes, realmedia, windows media, quicktime, and macamp.

To listen, choose a stream below based on your connection speed:

Icecast MP3 at 16 kbps (28K modem)

Icecast MP3 at 32 kbps (56K modem)

Icecast MP3 at 64 kbps (DSL/Cable)

Download a free player:

Winamp (recommended)
Windows Media

If you have any problems or questions, please send an email to kr-tech (at)

General Help Tips:

Some computers aren't properly setup with the correct associations to open a player when you click a stream link. This means that you have to fix the associations or load the stream link directly into the player as follows:

On a PC: Right click the stream link you want and choose "Copy Shortcut", then in your player, go to "open location" (or equivalent) and paste the link into your player to open it. For example, in Winamp, you can use CTRL-L to open location, then paste (CTRL-V) in the stream link and click Ok.

On a Mac: Hold down control (CTRL) and click the stream link you want and choose "Copy Link Location." In iTunes, hit Apple+U and paste (Apple+V) the stream link into the window and hit Ok.